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Latest Facts About Stonehenge

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January 14, 2014


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Latest Facts About Stonehenge
facts about stonehenge

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Result from the latest investigations some archaeologists, Stonehenge was originally a land of ancient tombs for the elite community

With some of related theories origins of Stonehenge, archaeologists claimed to have dicovered 50 thousands fragments of bones who have been creamted. Having analyzed the bone fragments, archaeologists concluded that the bones belonged to 63 different people who live in the area of Stonehenge, in 3000 BC.

The Bones which are buried in Stonehenge was justificated by Professor Mike Parker Pearson, from University College London. According to him, Stonehenge is a place for member of the dynasty of the kings buried and more than just a common community, but cemetery for different power structure. Here’s the latest fact about Stonehenge :Ā 

Fact About Stonenge : Party Place

In addition, the researchers also explored the human bone fragments which have been cremated from the year 2500 BC. Stonehenge is also a gathering place for the community at that time to celebrate winter season and the beginning of summer.

This archaeologists argument is reinforced by the discovery of the animal bones at Stonehenge. Ancient Britons believed using Stonehenge as a place for celebration, the people of Scotland also come to bring the animals to be used as a party food.

Fact About Stonehenge : Not Alien Artifact

Many theories believe Stonehenge was an alien’s relic. Those who believe that Stonehenge as an alien relic said, no man in those days might be able to arrange a pile of rocks with a certain pattern. They also say, only alien technology which can arrange the stones neatly and forming amazing patterns. But this theory has been interrupted by the latest discovery.

Fact About Stonehenge : Not as a Calendar Astronomy

Lots of travelers each year come to visit Stonehenge, because curious about the mystery of this amazing building. Most travelers believe Stonehenge was an astronomical calendar or observatory place. But once again, this opinion is contradicted by the results of the research of archaeologists.



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